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Call of Duty 4: All Day Every Day

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 02/23/2009

So it’s Monday, and as usual I have spent my weekend turning my brain to mush in some way or another. What’s different this weekend is that I did all the brain-killing on one videogame, one which I’ve played literally days of before. Yet I can not get enough.

This epic, addicting, first-person-shooter is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Between the single-player campaign and the ridiculously addicting online play, I can’t get enough. Even when I’m not able to pop it into the PS3 for some ever satisfying headshots, I’ve sometimes been so desperate for some sort of Call of Duty action, that I watch some good ol’ Blame Truth videos. While I don’t own nearly as hard as Mr. Truth, I always enjoy a good headshot or trying out my newest unlocked weapon.

Probably my favorite part about the online multiplayer is the leveling up. As a noob, you start at level one with generic weapons setups (M16. M3 Shotgun, MP5, etc.). This doesn’t last long, as you get 5-10 points for every kill and bonus points at the end of the round, causing you to level up. With each level comes some sort of bonus, be it a new perk, which can do anything from improving reload time to allowing you to hear the enemy team’s voice chatter (lame perk, don’t get it) or a new weapon. Scrolling through the weapons menu, you can see what level is required for a given weapon, and I often find myself racing to whatever level so I can have the next cool gun. The coolest part: when you max out your levels (lvl. 55), the game gives you the option to start over in “Presige Mode.” This doesn’t reset your stats, but it starts you back at level 1, allowing you to climb the ranks once more. Your reward at level 55 for the second time? One gold star. No… really, you get a gold start next to your name… that’s… it. While the benefits of prestige mode are slim, you get the extra badass effet of your one gold star.

My least favorite part about the game is probably more of a personal preference thing than an actual problem, but I was really bummed when I realized that the game (on PS3) is not trophy enabled. There’s nothing more satisfying than making 5 head shots in a row and having the added bonus of beefing up your gamertag.

Gold stars, trophies, and perks aside – this game is awesome. The first game I have played for multiple weekends in a row without any boredom at all. Killzone 2 (yes, I have it pre-ordered) may be coming next week, but it’s got some very big shoes to fill.


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