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Nostalgia: High School Edition

Posted in Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 03/06/2009

Wayne's WorldSo spring break has officially begun for me. With this new freedom (or boredom), I’m sitting at home remembering high school – fondly. I know, I never thought I would say that either. The problem is, I’m the classic broke college student. I’ve got no money and, when I’m home, very little to do. So it’s got me thinking back to the old days.

I have no idea how I used to support my lifestyle. I’d go out to eat every night, drive around all day (and that was when gas cost twice this much), and buy nice stuff all the time. I was only working 20 hours a week, and my boss wasn’t exactly a generous guy.

Oh yeah – I had a credit card.

Those things. A wonderful piece of plastic that makes your wallet bottomless. I also drove a Jetta, which if you didn’t know, means lots of repairs. So now I remember: I was in a lot of debt, and that sucked. But I was still happy. So maybe the better question is: how was I happy? This one is easier – I got to spend so much money! They say you can’t buy happiness. This might be true, but you can buy gas, and you can buy Burger King with your friends. That makes for a better afternoon than I’ve ever had in college. The little things do add up, and man, what I’d do to have some of them back…


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