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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/11/2009
At least the cover is cool...

At least the cover is cool...

Everyone has their vices. For me: lame action movies and good video games. So when Wanted: Weapons of Fate was announced, it struck me as the single most epic win since Counterstrike: Source (the combination of FPS greatness and post-90s graphics). I’m yet to play Weapons of Fate as it hasn’t come out yet, but I checked out the demo yesterday and was very unimpressed.

First of all, it’s a third-person shooter. This is completely a personal preference thing, but I’m not a fan. I’ve never found the interfaces to be intuitive enough and the controls always strike me as slightly sluggish. Second, it gives you the option to use cover, which isn’t a problem by itself, but when you are in cover and peeking out, you’re still completely invincible. The demo takes place on a plane in flight where you work your way through, using cover the whole way, and shoot the bad guys. I know, I was amazed at the originality too.

The other thing that sucked about the demo was Wanted’s signature bullet-curving. The interface for it is reasonably good; you hold a button (R1 on PS3) and use an analog stick to set up the trajectory you want, then release the button to fire. The problem is, R1 just locked the target to the chest of an enemy. What if I want to curve the bullet into an explosive barrel or, I don’t know, maybe his head? Seriously, if my character is badass enough to curve a bullet, I don’t think he has to play it safe and aim for a body shot. The point is: bullet curving is Wanted’s thing, and they should make it one shot, one kill.

The third thing that makes this demo sucky is the level of tease involved. Making a demo, you’ve got to come up with just the right balance between your games premier features but without giving away too much of the coolness factor to people who haven’t even bought the game. Weapons of Fate’s creators knew not to give away too much, but they forgot to sell me the game. I played through the whole thing waiting for the dramatic, epic finish and when I walked down what seemed like the final set of stairs… it was just over. It proceeds to run through a twenty-second game trailer showing a ton of spectacular kills and awesome environments. The best they’re going to get from me is a Blockbuster rental.

In a time when games cost $60 a piece, I need to be pretty damn motivated by any demos I play. I would have strongly considered buying Wanted: Weapons of Fate… right up until I played the demo. Nice try, Hollywood, but you’re yet to break into the gaming world with much success at all.

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