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Posted in College, Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 03/15/2009
The dorm room setup.

The dorm room setup.

After a good week-long break from the ongoing assault on mental and physical health that is university life, I’m headed back tonight. What will I miss most?

-Showering in  a closed space: Not only are the college showers all in the same room, but the open space below the stall door allows for a nice cold draft to come in. This is a great feeling during a hot, humid summer day, but when I’m showering I WANT TO BE WARM!

-Eating whatever, whenever, and however much: Sure I could walk or take the bus to an all-you-can-eat dining hall, but nothing beats the convenience of rollin’ out of bed in your underwear and dragging yourself straight to the kitchen for some good ol’ frosted shredded wheat.

-Driving: Not only am I able to drive at home, but singing your lungs out to your favorite songs is one of those thinks that can brighten the day just a little bit more.

-Old friends: Sure, college friends are good, but there’s nothing like getting together and hanging out “like old times.”

I’ll miss home, but I’ll have a good ending to my semester (and it will be warm) and will still be so connected via internet, cell phone, and all my other electronics that my location will barely matter anyways (I can’t decide if that’s awesome or depressing).


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