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Random Acts of Kindness

Posted in Culture, Internet, Technology by Taylor Dobbs on 03/23/2009

You may notice along the right-hand side of my page the feed I have running: #randomkindness. This is cool on two levels…

One: Using twitter, one can insert a “hashtag” into their post (a word or phrase with a “#” in front of it) and this “tweet” will join others with the same tag on a centralized list. Lists for any tag you desire can be found at twitter’s search page, here.

Two: People all over the world (the english-speaking one at least) are being kind to eachother, and using twitter and its hastags, we get to see what is probably the most uplifting RSS feed in existence. If you’ve got a twitter, join the cause. Tweet nice things that happen to you or that you see happening. It’s a small thank you for all the thankless favors that people do for each other.

My goal: make the feed.

We live in an amazing world, lets tell eachother about it.


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