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Modern Warfare 2

Posted in Gaming, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/26/2009

Amidst the crazy reports of Game Developers Conference 2009 on my twitter feed, wired news, and elsewhere on the internet, one report caught my attention more than others. Infinity Ward announced and premiered a teaser for the game today. Modern Warfare 2, unlike its predecessor, will not come under the Call of Duty brand. This could open the door for a long and hassle-free line of very cool games. (Having to co-create with Call of Duty producer Activision after a beef between the two producers regarding the World at War vs. Modern Warfare rivalry would just be awkward.)

The only thing you could add to Modern Warfare to make those two words better is that single number: 2. Release date is announced as November 10, 2009. I think it’s safe to say I won’t be posting that day.

Aside from being from Infinity Ward, this game has the unique development background of mass user input. Infinity Ward, with the help of their phenomenal wonder-kid (older than me – barely) Robert Bowling, has set up a page that uses a loose combination of Twitter and a reddit-style rating system. If you’ve got a suggestion for the game, you simply post a tweet with the hastag “#MW2” (which is the most used hashtag on twitter) and it automatically goes to the feed at their MW2 suggestion page where users can then vote up ideas they like, or down-cast the not-so-good ideas. How cool is this? Very.

This feature allows Infinity Ward to put together an almost guaranteed improved sequel for a game that really doesn’t have much room for improvement to start with. Modern Warfare 2 will combine Infinity Ward’s excellent game design team and a full step up, eliminating nearly all of the most annoying flaws (as defined by gamers themselves) of the first Modern Warfare. The corportate world is just learning how to use Twitter, but Infinity Ward is leading the pack with style. There is yet to be a pefect game for me that I’ve played on PS3 (of course, I haven’t played Killzone 2, which looks – well – perfect), but if there is one coming out in the next year, it’s going to be MW2.

Update: The badass Infinity Ward trailer, while very ambiguous to some, has been somewhat decyphered. Check it out here.


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