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Summer: The Screen Addict’s Dillema

Posted in Culture, Personal, Technology by Taylor Dobbs on 06/06/2009

It’s 73 degrees outside, the sun is bright, there’s a farmer’s market going on down the street. Life is good, right? Right. I won’t go so far as to say summer is bad, but when you’re a nerd like me, there are those dillemas. I just bought two new games and got photoshop with the momentum carried through by spring fever, and I would really like to be playing with them. (Of course, now I’m writing a blog post without enjoying the weather or the toys.) So as a geek and (sort of) athlete, I’ve always been very torn in the summer. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 or the skate park? MLB 07 or the ballfield? As things like Dr Pepper, coffee, and Monster have become ever more present in my life, and bedtime has fallen into the past, I’ve been more and more able to have both worlds. Work and outdoorsy stuff from 9-5, social from 5-9 (PM), and then games, gadgets, and geekdom from 9-5. Yeah, maybe I’m working on four hours of sleep sometimes, but I’m having a sick (the good kind) summer.

Good news for my sleep schedule, my fellow geeks, and my concerned girlfriend: portable technology made by all the smarter-than-me people who love tech is on the rise. My twitter addiction no longer keeps me glued to my computer, as my iPhone runs Tweetie whether I’m at a picnic, next to the pool, or in a computer lab. I still can’t quite get the same thrill I get out of playing my new games (Grid and DiRT) on my 24″ screen while I’m on the go, but with new portable gaming tech like the PSP Go (apologies for the video quality and terrible attempts at comedy in the beginning, it gets better. The comedy, anyways.), I’ll be more willing to leave my command center for extended periods of time, battery life permitting.

Either way, I do still have to leave my toys for long enough to go to work and make money to finance the operation. Until there’s a way to tweet via voice commands while making pizza, I guess I’ll just have to deal with the tremors and cold sweats.


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