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Posted in Internet, media by Taylor Dobbs on 06/10/2009

Squarespace LogoTwitter has given a place for many very cool and interesting marketing ideas to bloom. I came across one today that was so incredibly simple, yet so brilliant that it merits a blog post.

As I logged into twitter earlier today, I glanced over at the trending topics, which have become an amazing way to discover news and events as they happen. The leading topic was “#squarespace.” This confused me as it is usually a phrase such as “inauguration speech” or “American Idol.” After a quick google search, I found out that square space is a company that helps with web site creation. I haven’t used the service, but it looks good and I will probably give it a shot soon. In other words: mission accomplished. When I woke up this morning I didn’t know that the company even existed, and now I want to try their product.

So how did squarespace become a trending topic? How about this: they used the power of the iPhone 3GS, announced two days ago. Squarespace is simply offering one free iPhone per day to a random twitter user who posts a tweet with the hashtag “#squarespace” in it until July 9th. Like I said, simple yet brilliant. There are very few products release within the last year that would draw a crowd as well as the iPhone 3GS, and squarespace jumped right in with it.

While the iPhones will cost thousands of dollars for the company, the increased advertising and business revenue that will accompany the huge influx of site traffic is sure to outdo and outlast the cost.

Some marketing agent somewhere is soon to be a very rich man.


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