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Using Social Media and Tech to Keep in Touch

Posted in Internet, media, Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 07/14/2009

One of Facebook’s biggest selling points is its ability to string together a bunch of different phases in a person’s life into one place. Friends from High School can see what you’re doing now, and co-workers can get to know you in a more informal setting. One problem many people face is how to deal with family on social networks like Facebook. It can be pretty boring to hear about Aunt Sue’s recovery from knee surgery in your news feed, but if you don’t friend her, then there really isn’t much contact. Not to mention, most people in the two generations above mine don’t have Facebook. It’s a rapidly growing demographic on the social networking site, but of the sixteen aunts, uncles, and (grand)parents in my family, only three have a facebook. This brings up another tough question: When we almost solely rely on texting, Facebook, and instant messaging to run our lives, how do we stay close to relatives who aren’t so well-versed in such technologies?

As with any new technology, there is the old-fashioned way. It’s always nice to give grandpa a call, but there is rarely enough time to call all of your relatives on a weekly or even monthly basis. Instead of calling or writing (which I do, but not on any regular basis), I’m starting a VLog. You may click the link for a further definition, but essentially VLog is short for “Video Blog,” which is short for “Video Web log.” Essentially, I make a video on some regular schedule (mine will me Tuesday and Friday), and then post it to a site like YouTube.

While it is definitely a very generic way to keep in touch with relatives or other friends, it’s also extremely personal. Vloggers can let their viewers into their lives as much or as little as they like. One could make a Vlog entry in their office every day just talking to they camera, or they could bring the camera with them as they go through the day and film parts of it (as I’m going to do). The freedom allowed by the video medium allows a vlogger to ditch mouse & keyboard and make posts with just a camera. This ability opens up so many possibilities as well as sometimes making for a quicker post (if no editing is involved).

I still know very little about the medium, but as I do it I will know more and more. I’ll let y’all know. Until then, you can find my vlog here.

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