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Twitter, Facebook Downed by DDoS Attack… Simultaneously

Posted in Uncategorized by Taylor Dobbs on 08/06/2009

twitter update fail ddos august 2009On Thursday August 6th 2009 at 9:45 AM, some hackers somewhere claimed victory; Twitter and Facebook were down. At the same time. The victory was rare and short lived, as Facebook came back up (though showing some problems) within minutes. However, as of 11:35 AM, Twitter was still down. Those who gather news on Twitter (and send it out) are obviously paralyzed for a solution.

According to a PC Magazine article, Twitter confirms this outage in their status blog, updating that they “are defending against a denial-of-service attack.”

The site is likely to return to working status before the end of the day. It seems as though such a large and clearly coordinated attack on large social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter would have been noticed and prepared for. Clearly, Facebook was more ready than Twitter for this. They’ve been around longer, have more hardware and more staff to deal with such problems, and have likely faced them before.

Whatever the case, this has been a clear reminder to Twitter of its vulnerability (They shouldn’t need one – they get hacked almost weekly).

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