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AT&T Sucks. Also, Water is Wet.

Posted in Rants, Technology by Taylor Dobbs on 08/10/2009

AT&T recently expanded its coverage into Vermont, where I live. Being a complete geek, I quickly got myself an iPhone. Of couse, I was excited. Over time, the splendor has faded. Here’s why:

After about 8 months in Vermont, AT&T still doesn’t offer 3G coverage anywhere in the state. So many times, that extra $30 a month for unlimited data is a moot point, since it would take an entire month of downloading to exceed any superimposed limit anyways.

Having nothing to do with Vermont, but very annoying nonetheless is the fact that AT&T (or Apple) rejected the Google Voice app for the iPhone. So that number I want, y0u know, 73-iPwn-9, is impossible. Thanks, AT&T, for killing my inner child.

Finally, and quite possibly most annoying, is AT&T’s ability to convert my expensive, highly capable iPhone into an iPod Touch. Yes, they actually pull this one off. Countless times, I have recieved voicemails without the phone ever having rung. I’m often told, when they phone does ring, that whoever it was tried to call me a few times immediately before that, but that it went straight to voicemail. Effectively making my iPhone into a iPod/Pager. Sweet.

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  2. Mike said, on 01/04/2010 at 11:20 pm

    I agree. In fact I was a Unicel customer who was forced to upgrad to AT&T because I was not out of my contract. I like the features of my iPhone, but after June 09 the service fell off a cliff. I was able to borrow a phone still set up for Unicel in October and it could make calls where my phone could not get service. I get dropped all the time. I am extremely disappointed. Thanks to the intrusion of the government I maybe stuck with this junk for another year. What a waste of my money. As much as the iPhone is neat and has a lot of features, AT&T is NOT worth it. Mike

    • Taylor Dobbs said, on 01/05/2010 at 1:53 pm

      I’m feeling the same way for sure. I was feeling really cornered as if I had to have horrible service in order to have a nice smartphone, but now that the droid is out I’m looking forward more and more to the end of my contract.

      While switching and getting a droid would be a good quick fix, what I would much rather see is for the iPhone to go onto the whole market. If every company has the hottest phone, then it is a battle of the best service. Competition is the heart of capitalism, and something our mobile industry has frighteningly little of.

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