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Modern Warfare 2

Posted in Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 11/23/2009

The game has been out for almost two weeks now, I know. I’m not trying to sell this game, I’m just here to announce to the world my absolute love for this game. As soon as I put in the game, I saw the intro movie and then made my way to the menu. The simple, wonderful, three-part opening screen which said “Special Ops,” “Campaign,” and “Multiplayer,” spurred me to promise myself not to write a blog post until the progress percentages underneath each section said 100%. So here it is.

I love this game. My first holy-shit-I-love-this experience with Call of Duty didn’t happen until December 27, 2008. I got home from Blockbuster (too broke to buy a game after laying down all of my christmas money for my new PS3) and slid Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare into the machine. The campaign took me the rest of that night and the first part of the next day to beat. The whole experience was essentially a stretched out loss of my gaming virginity: As it happened, I was too amazed to focus on anything else. I had so much fun with it that it ended quickly, and when the credits were done rolling, I sat there stunned and satisfied, but wishing it hadn’t ended.

Then, gazing longingly at the main menu, I noticed “Multiplayer.” At this point I had two weeks left in my winter recess, and in those two weeks, I fell in love with console gaming all over again.

Needless to say, when I heard about Modern Warfare 2, I freaked out. I spent hours on YouTube looking for gameplay clips and watching trailers. Nothing prepared me for this though. It’s SO fun and SO deep. From having to use trigger buttons to climb ice walls to defending my teammate (roommate) on the ground with an AC-130 gunship to ranking through the online challenges on a variety of very cool maps, I feel – as I put it to my girlfriend – like a little kid at christmas time. It’s awesome

Based on the opening sales, anyone who cares about the game already has it, so I won’t bore you with details. I probably would, but I have a Search and Destroy mission to get to.

Over and out.


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