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The Kingdom

Posted in Film by Taylor Dobbs on 11/28/2009

The Kingdom PosterWhat better time to watch movies than Thanksgiving break?


Today I kicked back and watched The Kingdom. I’d seen this movie before, but at the time I’d been less politically aware and far less able to spot genuine acts of badassery. I wouldn’t say Jamie Foxx is the ultimate badass (because he doesn’t, at any point, say “yipee-ki-yay”) but I’d say he’s pretty close. When you have not one, but two “x”es in your name, then beat the shit out of a military officer in front of his whole squad for slapping your friend, “badass” is an unavoidable word.


Reading into it a little bit, the movie puts in quite a lot of cultural, political, and diplomatic dialogue. Not all of it is positive, but they’re definitely trying to go from boom boom pow action movie to “It’s an ugly world, here’s what might happen.” In my opinion, this is a must do for any action movie without massive robots that turn into cars that haven’t even come out yet.


The tension between almost all of the characters throughout the movie is almost palpable (though I’m sure many people would argue with me on this point) and the final scene is so far above and beyond my expectations that I was surprised again, even though I knew what would happen.


Though it’s definitely just a movie, The Kingdom somehow adds elements of surprise, plot, and character that make it feel like this could really happen. Just the right amount of spontaneity mixed with just the right amount of holy-shit-that-was-so-cool moments.


A must see, and one of the most underrated movies I’ve ever liked.


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