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5 Unnecessary Things on My Desk

Posted in Random by Taylor Dobbs on 12/02/2009

Because I’m bored.

I’m going to name 5 things I have on my desk that have no reason for being there, then tell you why each is there. Stop reading if you feel any sense of purpose right now; I assure you it will not be worth your time.

1. My broken 120 GB iPod. The friend who tried to fix it returned it to me a few months ago and I put it down and haven’t done anything with it since. The hard drive is broken, and it’s completely useless until that gets replaced. Why is it on my desk? So that I will remember to have it fixed. Mission: failed.

2. Ziplock bag full of packets of Emergen-C. My mom gave me these when I was home a few months ago to prevent me from getting sick. I didn’t use them. I got sick. Moral of the story: even when you’re in college and you don’t have to anymore, sometimes listening to mom is still a good idea. Why are they still there? Just in case.

3. Bicycle tube-patching kit. I have a incredibly frustrating tendency to run into curbs at high speeds on my bike. This often leads to a popped tire, so to keep costs down, I patch my tubes. It’s not worth it. Why is it still on my desk? Because it’s small, and it’s out of the way so it’d be more trouble than convenience to move it.

4. Box of 10-gallon trash bags. Honestly, I just barely noticed these. I put them down as I was moving into my room, and they’ve become so much a part of the scenery that I didn’t even notice to move them. Why are they still there? Because they haven’t been in my way yet.

5. Stretchy medical wrap. I somehow ended up with my girlfriend’s ankle wrap after a sports practice. Somehow, it stayed on my desk. Why is it still there? Honestly, it’s stretchy and kind of fun to fidget with.


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