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5 Games I’d Buy Remastered

Posted in Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 12/11/2009

Since I’ve moved in with my roommate, he has discovered many gaps in my gaming experience. As any enthusiast in anything will tell you, there are certain basic experiences you must have in the field before you can enjoy the finer points of it. This is just as true with gaming, so along side Political Science 137 and Philosophy 001, I’ve been taking Gaming 101. It’s been really cool to go back and play some of the classics that helped shape the games I play now. Never was this more true than with God of War.
I bought the God of War Collection when it launched with a recommendation from my roommate. The cool part about this set was that is was a pair of PS2 games that had been remastered in HD for the PS3. While the graphics aren’t completely redone, the edges are sharp and the aspect ratio is right on. My only complaint about this concept is that it hasn’t been done more.
While there’d probably be a market for just about any old game remastered in HD (and especially these ones) for new-generation consoles, there are my 5 top picks. Keep in mind, I’ll probably miss a few essentials since I haven’t played all of the classics. Here are my picks…

  1. 007 Nightfire – This was probably the most fun multiplayer game I ever played on the PS2. The campaign was definitely awesome, though not mind-blowing. Seeing maps re-done in HD and having online multiplayer would open a whole new can o’ whoop-ass, and I’d definitely lay down some green for it.
  2. Grand Theft Auto Collection – As Santa Monica Studios did with God of War, Rockstar games could definitely double-dip Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City in a re-release with HD remastering or (if they were feeling ambitious) a complete graphical reworking.
  3. Shadow of the Colossus – Though I’ve never played it, watching my roommate play back through this game was one of the most visually unique experiences I’ve had with gaming. It seemed before its time with vast, stretching landscapes, massive cliffs, and extremely intricate collosi. With visuals like that, it’s just begging to be reworked and put on today’s screens with a whole new sharpness. Getting a few more copies into circulation wouldn’t hurt either, as the game is somewhat hard to find these days.
  4. Splinter Cell Collection – I know these games weren’t popular with everyone, but the people (like me) who liked them loved them. I’d love to see all of the Splinter Cell games re-released in HD for another play through with some badass trophies/achievements.
  5. Hitman Collection – I bought this collection on Steam for my gaming PC back when I was into that, but the graphics for the first game were still old, and there were no achievements. Giving the Hitman games a fresh coat ‘o paint and some trophy support would definitely make for a cool addition to my collection.
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  1. Odin said, on 01/17/2010 at 6:46 am

    Shadow of Colossus was really fun, my brothers enjoyed watching me play it as well, much to my amusement. Not likely it will get remastered though seeing as another title is being brought out for the PS3. You probably heard about it by now. Last Guardian it’s called.

    • Taylor Dobbs said, on 01/17/2010 at 11:43 am

      Oh wow, I hadn’t noticed that. Just watched the trailer though. It looks beautiful. Hopefully the gameplay matches the visuals.

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