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Big Brother is Lurking

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 03/02/2009

Another snowy day on campus has me glued to my 2-screen display setup, burning hours on the interwebs, more Firefox than empty soda cans on my desk (many). Though I am still slightly foggy on exactly what Web 2.0 is, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got at least four web 2.0 sites open at a time. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress or other blogs, web 2.0 is beginning a take-over. The only problem is: No one knows exactly what that means.


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Centralized Internet

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 02/19/2009

picture-1Before laying out this idea, I just want to put it out there that I’m just as against “big brother” as anyone else out there. There are probably thousands of reasons why this couldn’t or shouldn’t be done, but that’s how every massive shift in society has started, so why not?