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The End

Posted in The Dobbs Method by Taylor Dobbs on 07/14/2010

This will be the last post on this blog. It took me a long time to do this, as this was my first blog, and it taught me so much. The reality is that I tried to make it both a(nother) well-followed tech blog and a personal blog at the same time. It was a doomed effort, and while some of my posts did okay for hits, they were the ones I didn’t have much fun writing and didn’t care much about. I was having to choose between readers and enjoyment, and I’m not going to make myself miserable for a few clicks.

I have been blogging a lot on tumblr recently, it’s a more social blogging site with very few metrics to obsess over. I’m posting what I want to post when I want to post it and not paying attention to who cares about it. There is no sense – at this point in my life – to blogging for anything other than fun, so I’m calling it quits here on WordPress. Thanks to the people who read here and for all the support. The new version of The Dobbs Method can be found here.


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Okay, I’m Just a Geek

Posted in Uncategorized by Taylor Dobbs on 11/06/2009

I haven’t posted in a few months because I am very conflicted about this blog. I know what I have to do to get a good number of hits: write about current tech trends (things likely to take water from the Google river) and, especially, Twitter. There’s only one problem with this model: I don’t enjoy it. I don’t really care if Twitter just signed a deal with Google (they did) or if Microsoft’s Bing is growing faster than any other search engine (it is). Okay, so I guess it’s not that I don’t care. I just don’t care enough to write about it. If I – uninformed, internet-dwelling college student – know about it, then it’s already been written about. Extensively.


So this blog is getting a makeover. Maybe not in appearance (at least for now), but in content. I’m sick of uploading these little blurbs about tech industry news so that I can be another outlet for the same information. No, that’s being done (and much better than I can do it) already. So from now on, this is – both literally and figuratively – my domain. I’ll write about whatever I want in whatever format I want. I don’t need your hits, not here. I’m sick of selling my soul for hits that won’t ever even translate into any monetary gain. So for now, and on The Dobbs Method, forever, I’m writing what I want to because I want to.


If you don’t like the direction I’m taking, then don’t visit my blog. My feelings won’t be hurt, it’s okay. I’m not sure I would want to be lectured by another geek about his geekery either. But for those of you out there who want to see into the mind of a gamer/blogger/boyfriend/son/student/slob/college boy (not in that order), then stick around.





P.S. Why am I not starting over in a new blog? Because the stuff that I have posted here still gets hits, so someone finds it useful on a daily basis. It’s not lost, it’s just not what I want to do now. The Dobbs Method is whatever I want it to be, and more than anything else I want it to be dynamic. That’s why this post is just above one that is exactly what I was saying that I don’t want to do.

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Posted in Internet, Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 07/08/2009

In my never-ending quest to have a strong and enjoyable presence on the internet, I’ve created a tumblr page to compliment my blog as well as Twitter. There are so many thoughts I have that are worth more than a tweet, but that I don’t have time or energy to put into a blog post. I’m hoping tumblr will help me fill these gaps and help me get my two cents in.

You can find my page here. Tumblr is simply a mini-blogging site. I can make a quick post of a cool video I’ve found, an article I liked, or a quick story from my day. We’ll see how it goes. Enjoy!

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YouTube and Ustream: Internet Video Taking Over

Posted in Internet, media by Taylor Dobbs on 07/07/2009

Online VideoFor my birthday this past week, I got a Flip video camera. I already had a Mini DV Sony, but the Flip has the added bonus of being extremely lightweight and small, making its portability a huge benefit. Since I’ve had it, I’ve uploaded two YouTube videos and recorded about an hour of footage as I’m out and about with my friends.

My extra time on YouTube has also made me aware of a profession that I had no idea existed. People like Philip DeFranco make their living on YouTube. It’s a very, very simple business model: Record a 3-4 minute video three times a week of yourself stating your own opinions on news that already broke, put the video on youtube, have an ad pop up along the bottom, make lots of money. What? I, and the rest of America, has been stating our opinions about Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, and all of the other breaking news this week, but I don’t get paid. I suppose it’s DeFranco’s unique editing style and his great sense of humor that make his opinion so popular.


Social Media: What Did We Do Before?

Posted in media by Taylor Dobbs on 06/01/2009

I was working a long 9 hour shift today making pizzas, which isn’t exactly a career plan, but helps with the college savings. As I was going through the day, though, things kept happening that made me think “I should tweet that,” or “That’d be a funny Facebook status.”

Having these thoughts every little while made me realize how much social media has integrated not just into society but into our minds. Social media, at least for me, has eliminated much of the idle texting or IMing between two individuals and put it on a more mass level. Instead of texting someone to tell them that I just watched “the best movie ever,” I can post a tweet or a Facebook status commenting on the movie.


Blogging: I Still Have No Idea

Posted in Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 05/06/2009

So The Dobbs Method has been live here for four or five months, and while I’ve learned a lot, I also feel like I haven’t progressed at all. Most of the learning I’ve done about blogging has been through twitter and just checking out other blogs around the net. When I began blogging, I had thought it was just an easy medium for projecting one’s thoughts and ideas into the world. While this is definitely the approach to take with a blog in a general sense, it wasn’t what I thought.


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My Top 6 Uses for the Internet

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 04/07/2009

ScreenshotThe internet is a big place. Somehow, though, almost everyone who uses it stays confined to very few sites. Walking into any dorm room on campus, I am likely to see YouTube, Facebook, MySpace (for those same kids who just can’t let go), or the University webpage on a screen. Though my web-diet is slightly more diverse, I too am a creature of habit.

What do I do when the ethernet cable’s plugged in?