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Back Home: Freshman Year Reflection

Posted in College, Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 05/07/2009
Dan and Mark wait for the bus before a gangsta' party

Dan and Mark wait for the bus before a gangsta' party

So I’m done with year number one of college. It’s been an interesting ride. As I carried my Rubbermaid bins down the three flights of stairs in my residence hall, I thought back to when I had carried those bins up the stairs. Along some lines of thought, it seemed very recent, along others, it seemed like a lifetime ago.


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Blogging: I Still Have No Idea

Posted in Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 05/06/2009

So The Dobbs Method has been live here for four or five months, and while I’ve learned a lot, I also feel like I haven’t progressed at all. Most of the learning I’ve done about blogging has been through twitter and just checking out other blogs around the net. When I began blogging, I had thought it was just an easy medium for projecting one’s thoughts and ideas into the world. While this is definitely the approach to take with a blog in a general sense, it wasn’t what I thought.


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