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I Take it Back: BF:BC is FUN

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 04/06/2009
Mortar Targeting in Battlefield: Bad Company

Mortar Targeting in Battlefield: Bad Company

A few months ago, I posted a negative review of Battlefield: Bad Company. I had only played through the first part of the game, and obviously judged it before I had a good idea what it was about. I complained about unsatisfying headshots, an obnoxiously stupid squad, an unrealistic enemy, and how getting kills isn’t even fun.

The headshots still don’t take heads clean off, the squad is as stupid as ever, and the enemy is still unrealistic. So why am I writing this post? It’s more a realization I made as I played along (I picked the game back up over the weekend, again sick of Call of Duty 4). This game isn’t about any specific war. It doesn’t care what flag you fly or what your morals are, this game for lack of a better phrase, is war. This game is about the combined efforts of a team to complete objectives and eliminate enemies.


Battlefield: Bad Company

Posted in Gaming, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/04/2009

Battlefield: Bad Company Cover ArtWell after 5 days straight of Call of Duty 4 pwnage in celebration of double XP weekend (I went from Level 48, into prestige mode, and back up to the high 20s. Thank you, Infinity Ward) I had finally grown somewhat tired of it. My pile of games borrowed from a friend staring at me from my desk, begging to be played before he asks for them back, I decided to skip to the next one: Battlefield: Bad Company. This game surprised be quite a bit. Though I didn’t play the pervious titles in the series, they struck me as serious and reaistic – a quality I look for in FPSs about war. I was expecting another crazy shooter in which you and your badass, hardcore squad move through (and destroy) one of the most interactive environments I had ever seen. What’d I get? A squad of 3 other idiots. (more…)

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