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I Love You, Man Review

Posted in Film by Taylor Dobbs on 04/03/2009

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go and catch I Love You, Man in the local theater. If you read no further read this: WATCH THIS MOVIE! It was phenomenal. This movie is just plain filled potential.



Bourne Culture

Posted in Film by Taylor Dobbs on 01/17/2009

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a deep-rooted liking for the Bourne movie trilogy. I like to think that these are movies that I and I alone hold as a favorite, but that’s simply a lie. Somewhere between scaling US embassies, performing martial arts with lethal precision, houdini-like escapes, and backing stolen Audis off of rooftops, Jason Bourne captured the hearts and minds of an American generation. While our greying fathers still remember a martini-sipping Sean Connery when they hear the word “spy,” a new generation of movie-goers thinks of a cool-headed, resourceful Matt Damon.


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