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Just Cause 2 + YouTube = Win

Posted in Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 01/24/2010

Just Cause 2 ArtA Wired blog post recently covered an awesome new feature in Square Enix’s anticipated title, Just Cause 2. How many times have you had an amazing “Holy shit! Did you see that?” moment while gaming and had nobody to share it with? Well according to the Wired post, your days of lonesome awe are nearing an end.

Just Cause 2 will have a feature that allows users to record and upload video clips of their game directly to YouTube. The only catch here is that the feature won’t be available on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Hell yes, I say. It’s about time Sony was able to offer a feature that Microsoft couldn’t. The hardware on the PS3 is superior – that’s hard to argue against. The only gap then is the software features, and this feature inches them that much closer to an advantage in the market. The only thing we PS3 owners can hope for now is more of the same.

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