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D.C. Desire

Posted in Gaming, Politics, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 01/20/2009

So on the eve of a historic inauguration, the only place that I would really like to be is Washington D.C. Being there in real life would be nice if not a little bit chaotic, but a second and almost as appealing option (at the moment) would be to be there in the digital wasteland that is Fallout 3. I purchased by glossy black Playstation 3 just after Christmas and between that and saving for a new screen on which to play my ridiculously high-definition games, I have had time to buy only one game for the thing. So tonight, less that twelve hours before the first black president of the U.S. is sworn in, I dream of gaming. How worldly of me.

While Fallout 3 looks awesome, I would also be up for the more difficult game of the real-life hustle and bustle to get as close a possible to our new president as he is sworn in. Crowds are expected at well over a million, and thousands of law enforcement and government officials have been called in to keep everyone safe. The sheer magnitude of the event is really what blows me away. The amount of people who are squeezing into the national mall and well beyond is just amazing to me.

With that, I’m off to dream of Washington D.C., post nuclear-fallout or not. Hopefully Obama can stimulate the economy and get me my new screen and Fallout 3 too.

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