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Just Cause 2 + YouTube = Win

Posted in Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 01/24/2010

Just Cause 2 ArtA Wired blog post recently covered an awesome new feature in Square Enix’s anticipated title, Just Cause 2. How many times have you had an amazing “Holy shit! Did you see that?” moment while gaming and had nobody to share it with? Well according to the Wired post, your days of lonesome awe are nearing an end.

Just Cause 2 will have a feature that allows users to record and upload video clips of their game directly to YouTube. The only catch here is that the feature won’t be available on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Hell yes, I say. It’s about time Sony was able to offer a feature that Microsoft couldn’t. The hardware on the PS3 is superior – that’s hard to argue against. The only gap then is the software features, and this feature inches them that much closer to an advantage in the market. The only thing we PS3 owners can hope for now is more of the same.

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5 Games I’d Buy Remastered

Posted in Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 12/11/2009

Since I’ve moved in with my roommate, he has discovered many gaps in my gaming experience. As any enthusiast in anything will tell you, there are certain basic experiences you must have in the field before you can enjoy the finer points of it. This is just as true with gaming, so along side Political Science 137 and Philosophy 001, I’ve been taking Gaming 101. It’s been really cool to go back and play some of the classics that helped shape the games I play now. Never was this more true than with God of War.
I bought the God of War Collection when it launched with a recommendation from my roommate. The cool part about this set was that is was a pair of PS2 games that had been remastered in HD for the PS3. While the graphics aren’t completely redone, the edges are sharp and the aspect ratio is right on. My only complaint about this concept is that it hasn’t been done more.
While there’d probably be a market for just about any old game remastered in HD (and especially these ones) for new-generation consoles, there are my 5 top picks. Keep in mind, I’ll probably miss a few essentials since I haven’t played all of the classics. Here are my picks…

  1. 007 Nightfire – This was probably the most fun multiplayer game I ever played on the PS2. The campaign was definitely awesome, though not mind-blowing. Seeing maps re-done in HD and having online multiplayer would open a whole new can o’ whoop-ass, and I’d definitely lay down some green for it.
  2. Grand Theft Auto Collection – As Santa Monica Studios did with God of War, Rockstar games could definitely double-dip Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City in a re-release with HD remastering or (if they were feeling ambitious) a complete graphical reworking.
  3. Shadow of the Colossus – Though I’ve never played it, watching my roommate play back through this game was one of the most visually unique experiences I’ve had with gaming. It seemed before its time with vast, stretching landscapes, massive cliffs, and extremely intricate collosi. With visuals like that, it’s just begging to be reworked and put on today’s screens with a whole new sharpness. Getting a few more copies into circulation wouldn’t hurt either, as the game is somewhat hard to find these days.
  4. Splinter Cell Collection – I know these games weren’t popular with everyone, but the people (like me) who liked them loved them. I’d love to see all of the Splinter Cell games re-released in HD for another play through with some badass trophies/achievements.
  5. Hitman Collection – I bought this collection on Steam for my gaming PC back when I was into that, but the graphics for the first game were still old, and there were no achievements. Giving the Hitman games a fresh coat ‘o paint and some trophy support would definitely make for a cool addition to my collection.
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Summer: The Screen Addict’s Dillema

Posted in Culture, Personal, Technology by Taylor Dobbs on 06/06/2009

It’s 73 degrees outside, the sun is bright, there’s a farmer’s market going on down the street. Life is good, right? Right. I won’t go so far as to say summer is bad, but when you’re a nerd like me, there are those dillemas. I just bought two new games and got photoshop with the momentum carried through by spring fever, and I would really like to be playing with them. (Of course, now I’m writing a blog post without enjoying the weather or the toys.) So as a geek and (sort of) athlete, I’ve always been very torn in the summer. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 or the skate park? MLB 07 or the ballfield? As things like Dr Pepper, coffee, and Monster have become ever more present in my life, and bedtime has fallen into the past, I’ve been more and more able to have both worlds. Work and outdoorsy stuff from 9-5, social from 5-9 (PM), and then games, gadgets, and geekdom from 9-5. Yeah, maybe I’m working on four hours of sleep sometimes, but I’m having a sick (the good kind) summer.


Rally Madness Part 2 & Google Chrome for Mac (but not yet)

Posted in Gaming, Internet, Rants, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 06/03/2009

Well since yesterday’s post, I have been on YouTube some more watching Ken Block videos with my jaw on the floor (and drooling onto my keyboard cover). I won’t go into the drawn out details of my newest idol, but I will say that he’s the face of the upcoming racing sequel, DiRT 2 (Game Site). He hints to new features built onto the previous rally racing game such as jump events, and maybe even some trick driving (see yesterday’s post). I will definitely be checking that one out (and by checking out I mean pre-ordering and waiting outside for the mailman).

In other news, Google Chrome is yet to be released for mac. The browser has been out since last year on PCs, but Google’s only hint at the mac version is that it’s “coming along nicely,” according to the tech news blog. Come on, Google. We know we can’t get any of the best games, but at least let us have the best browser!

I Take it Back: BF:BC is FUN

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 04/06/2009
Mortar Targeting in Battlefield: Bad Company

Mortar Targeting in Battlefield: Bad Company

A few months ago, I posted a negative review of Battlefield: Bad Company. I had only played through the first part of the game, and obviously judged it before I had a good idea what it was about. I complained about unsatisfying headshots, an obnoxiously stupid squad, an unrealistic enemy, and how getting kills isn’t even fun.

The headshots still don’t take heads clean off, the squad is as stupid as ever, and the enemy is still unrealistic. So why am I writing this post? It’s more a realization I made as I played along (I picked the game back up over the weekend, again sick of Call of Duty 4). This game isn’t about any specific war. It doesn’t care what flag you fly or what your morals are, this game for lack of a better phrase, is war. This game is about the combined efforts of a team to complete objectives and eliminate enemies.


Killzone 2: Coming Soon to My Collection

Posted in Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/29/2009

So as a huge fan of FPS (First-Person Shooters), I naturally felt like a kid in a candy shop when Killzone 2 was announced. The game came out on February 27, so as I post this in late March, you may wonder why I haven’t been raving about the game daily for the past month. Well one sign of addiction is when you allow the vice (in this case: games) to effect your relationships (negatively). It just so happened that I also had an important anniversary with my girlfriend in that time period. In my ever-lasting quest to avoid all-out addiction while constantly bordering it, I decided to leave my reserved copy of Killzone on the shelves to gather dust long after everyone had come and bought theirs in the Killing frenzy that was Killzone 2’s opening weekend. I won’t share what I spend the money on instead, as most loyal gamers would never forgive me. Sorry, loyal gamers, but the lovely lady in my life takes priority.

Anyways, knowing that I had set aside the purchase of Killzone to buy her a gift, my girlfriend graciously picked it up for me for the same occasion. A super-win! She’s happy, I’m killing, everything’s okay. So now, as I return to school with this new FPS (and two mid-terms this week), the true test begins. Can any game beat Call of Duty 4? I’m open to the idea. More to come…

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/11/2009
At least the cover is cool...

At least the cover is cool...

Everyone has their vices. For me: lame action movies and good video games. So when Wanted: Weapons of Fate was announced, it struck me as the single most epic win since Counterstrike: Source (the combination of FPS greatness and post-90s graphics). I’m yet to play Weapons of Fate as it hasn’t come out yet, but I checked out the demo yesterday and was very unimpressed.


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