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Digg Developing API

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 08/05/2009

The social news site Digg (mentioned in my last post) has recently accounced that they are developing an Application Programming Interface, which will make it easy for programmers and web designers to create anything from desktop apps to online bots that automatically digg or submit stories.

This move by the site comes after it’s fallen somewhat to the background in the world of social media. Though it has a very large user-base, the average user does not use digg, whereas an average user has an account on either Facebook or Twitter. It appears as though digg is hoping to become an everyday part of the internet experience, with widgets on sites and maybe even a desktop application for heavy users.

As with any API, the effect of this decision will not be seen until developers get their hands on it. If digg is trying to catch up in the social media world, they’ve taken a step in the right direction.

[source: VentureBeat]
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Using Social Media and Tech to Keep in Touch

Posted in Internet, media, Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 07/14/2009

One of Facebook’s biggest selling points is its ability to string together a bunch of different phases in a person’s life into one place. Friends from High School can see what you’re doing now, and co-workers can get to know you in a more informal setting. One problem many people face is how to deal with family on social networks like Facebook. It can be pretty boring to hear about Aunt Sue’s recovery from knee surgery in your news feed, but if you don’t friend her, then there really isn’t much contact. Not to mention, most people in the two generations above mine don’t have Facebook. It’s a rapidly growing demographic on the social networking site, but of the sixteen aunts, uncles, and (grand)parents in my family, only three have a facebook. This brings up another tough question: When we almost solely rely on texting, Facebook, and instant messaging to run our lives, how do we stay close to relatives who aren’t so well-versed in such technologies?


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The Truth About Facebook (video)

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 07/10/2009

A video about Facebook’s extremely sketchy privacy policies and the legal rights they have over their users. I would say the fact that they have these powers isn’t as scary as what they might do with them.

These arguments along with the amount of twisted people who are on Facebook make it a dangerous place to put personal information. I’m not advocating against Facebook, but I do believe everyone should take extreme care in knowing where their photos and status updates end up. As much as we’d like it to be, Facebook will never be as safe as being in a room with a group of friends. There is still a company that claims to own every piece of information you put on their site.

Update carefully!

Social Media: What Did We Do Before?

Posted in media by Taylor Dobbs on 06/01/2009

I was working a long 9 hour shift today making pizzas, which isn’t exactly a career plan, but helps with the college savings. As I was going through the day, though, things kept happening that made me think “I should tweet that,” or “That’d be a funny Facebook status.”

Having these thoughts every little while made me realize how much social media has integrated not just into society but into our minds. Social media, at least for me, has eliminated much of the idle texting or IMing between two individuals and put it on a more mass level. Instead of texting someone to tell them that I just watched “the best movie ever,” I can post a tweet or a Facebook status commenting on the movie.


Social Media Moment

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 05/30/2009

A blurb on one of the many benefits of social media…

Tonight I was helping my girlfriend put together a mix CD. Since I am the more net-savvy half of the operation (but by no means the brains), she asked for my assistance. I quickly took to the web, using my various normal ways of grabbing music, and got most of the songs she needed. There was one song, though, that I wasn’t able to get my virtual hands on. As the prideful person that I am, I wasn’t about to tell her “I can’t find it,” and tarnish my super-geek crown. Somewhat desperately, I turned to Twitter asking if anyone would send me the song.

Just a few minutes later, I was notified of someone’s tweet in reply to mine saying that he had it and to send over my e-mail address. Simple as that.

Ten minutes after posting my tweet, I had the song. I didn’t really expect to get anything by posting on twitter, but like I said, I was desperate. Social media comes in in the clutch. Again.

Why I Want a Netbook

Posted in Technology by Taylor Dobbs on 05/30/2009

Well most of us would be kidding ourselves if we said we wouldn’t love to have one of those sleek little netbooks that are smaller than most of my college textbooks, but I like to think I have logical justification for wanting one. Much of my reasoning is obvious and common, but it’s common because it’s good!

So, why do I want one of these $400 little wonders?


Twitter Madness on The Dobbs Method

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 04/16/2009

For those who read my last post and chose to ignore it and not get a Twitter account, I would just like to say that twitter had a huge effect here at The Dobbs Method yesterday. Before yesterday, despite those of you who loyally follow my posts, the best day for The Dobbs Method was 66 hits.

After posting my 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Twitter post, @Twitter_Tips picked it up and posted a link to their 62,000+ followers and the blog hit an all time high: over 852 views. If there’s a point you want to make and you want to get it out fast, post it on Twitter.

If you ignored yesterday’s post, think again.

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