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The Truth About Facebook (video)

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 07/10/2009

A video about Facebook’s extremely sketchy privacy policies and the legal rights they have over their users. I would say the fact that they have these powers isn’t as scary as what they might do with them.

These arguments along with the amount of twisted people who are on Facebook make it a dangerous place to put personal information. I’m not advocating against Facebook, but I do believe everyone should take extreme care in knowing where their photos and status updates end up. As much as we’d like it to be, Facebook will never be as safe as being in a room with a group of friends. There is still a company that claims to own every piece of information you put on their site.

Update carefully!


5 Reasons Why You Should Get Twitter

Posted in Culture, Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 04/13/2009

The student newspaper at my college recently published a very funny and cynical piece on the pointlessness of Twitter as a social network. If that’s not enough, friends are constantly heckling me about it and asking what the point is. While Twitter does highlight some of modern society’s flaws (like the infinite ability we have to be impersonal), it also creates many benefits for its users.