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Blogging: I Still Have No Idea

Posted in Personal by Taylor Dobbs on 05/06/2009

So The Dobbs Method has been live here for four or five months, and while I’ve learned a lot, I also feel like I haven’t progressed at all. Most of the learning I’ve done about blogging has been through twitter and just checking out other blogs around the net. When I began blogging, I had thought it was just an easy medium for projecting one’s thoughts and ideas into the world. While this is definitely the approach to take with a blog in a general sense, it wasn’t what I thought.


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Starting Up

Posted in Personal, Uncategorized by Taylor Dobbs on 01/14/2009

As you can see, I’ve given into the calls of the blogging world. For as long as I’ve been aware of them, I’ve never seen much point in blogs. They have never seemed credible enough to amount to anything, nor are they centralized enough to network with much effectiveness. Since then – well – nothing has changed. I don’t hope to change the world with my blog (yet), nor do I long to publish my political agenda. Unfortunately, I’m more ignorant than I like to admit in the field of politics, which brings me back to changing the world: I simply wouldn’t know what to change.

So emerges the blog of an indecisive, confused college student (surprise!). The things I know, I try to know as entirely as I can. I am therefore an expert on Dr. Pepper consumption, as many showy MacBook tricks as possible, and (a recent addition) the glossy black world of Playstation 3. I have very little idea about my future, other than I’d like one. Putting two and two together, owning a Playstation 3 without a clear-cut goal for the future can be a recipe for disaster, but we can hope that the financial (aid) motivation of succeeding in school will drive me for now.

I’ve never been good at constructively filling idle time, so I figured the relatively futile act of blogging was right up my alley. Thus begins the journey that is The Dobbs Method.

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