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Modern Warfare 2

Posted in Gaming, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/26/2009

Amidst the crazy reports of Game Developers Conference 2009 on my twitter feed, wired news, and elsewhere on the internet, one report caught my attention more than others. Infinity Ward announced and premiered a teaser for the game today. Modern Warfare 2, unlike its predecessor, will not come under the Call of Duty brand. This could open the door for a long and hassle-free line of very cool games. (Having to co-create with Call of Duty producer Activision after a beef between the two producers regarding the World at War vs. Modern Warfare rivalry would just be awkward.)

The only thing you could add to Modern Warfare to make those two words better is that single number: 2. Release date is announced as November 10, 2009. I think it’s safe to say I won’t be posting that day.



Random Acts of Kindness

Posted in Culture, Internet, Technology by Taylor Dobbs on 03/23/2009

You may notice along the right-hand side of my page the feed I have running: #randomkindness. This is cool on two levels…


Big Brother is Lurking

Posted in Internet by Taylor Dobbs on 03/02/2009

Another snowy day on campus has me glued to my 2-screen display setup, burning hours on the interwebs, more Firefox than empty soda cans on my desk (many). Though I am still slightly foggy on exactly what Web 2.0 is, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got at least four web 2.0 sites open at a time. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress or other blogs, web 2.0 is beginning a take-over. The only problem is: No one knows exactly what that means.


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