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Rally Madness Part 2 & Google Chrome for Mac (but not yet)

Posted in Gaming, Internet, Rants, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 06/03/2009

Well since yesterday’s post, I have been on YouTube some more watching Ken Block videos with my jaw on the floor (and drooling onto my keyboard cover). I won’t go into the drawn out details of my newest idol, but I will say that he’s the face of the upcoming racing sequel, DiRT 2 (Game Site). He hints to new features built onto the previous rally racing game such as jump events, and maybe even some trick driving (see yesterday’s post). I will definitely be checking that one out (and by checking out I mean pre-ordering and waiting outside for the mailman).

In other news, Google Chrome is yet to be released for mac. The browser has been out since last year on PCs, but Google’s only hint at the mac version is that it’s “coming along nicely,” according to the tech news blog. Come on, Google. We know we can’t get any of the best games, but at least let us have the best browser!


I Take it Back: BF:BC is FUN

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming by Taylor Dobbs on 04/06/2009
Mortar Targeting in Battlefield: Bad Company

Mortar Targeting in Battlefield: Bad Company

A few months ago, I posted a negative review of Battlefield: Bad Company. I had only played through the first part of the game, and obviously judged it before I had a good idea what it was about. I complained about unsatisfying headshots, an obnoxiously stupid squad, an unrealistic enemy, and how getting kills isn’t even fun.

The headshots still don’t take heads clean off, the squad is as stupid as ever, and the enemy is still unrealistic. So why am I writing this post? It’s more a realization I made as I played along (I picked the game back up over the weekend, again sick of Call of Duty 4). This game isn’t about any specific war. It doesn’t care what flag you fly or what your morals are, this game for lack of a better phrase, is war. This game is about the combined efforts of a team to complete objectives and eliminate enemies.


WTF, TPS? Third-Person Shooters Taking Over

Posted in Gaming, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/31/2009

A small few of us remember the epic, mindblowing, constant explosion that was Red Faction II. If you’re like me, the first “Nano” was not an MP3 player, but a bright orange, semi-automatic death launcher (that screenshot makes my heart swell with joy). The first two installments of the Red Faction series were classic, story-based, first-person shooters which could very well have provided some idea-fuel for the booming Killzone franchise (Red Faction II was released two years before Killzone) with their propaganda-dishing totalitarian enemies and sci-fi-bordering-on-realistic weapon sets. When trying to convince friends to pick it up, I often used the comparison “It’s like halo for the PS2, except you can explode walls.”


Killzone 2: Coming Soon to My Collection

Posted in Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/29/2009

So as a huge fan of FPS (First-Person Shooters), I naturally felt like a kid in a candy shop when Killzone 2 was announced. The game came out on February 27, so as I post this in late March, you may wonder why I haven’t been raving about the game daily for the past month. Well one sign of addiction is when you allow the vice (in this case: games) to effect your relationships (negatively). It just so happened that I also had an important anniversary with my girlfriend in that time period. In my ever-lasting quest to avoid all-out addiction while constantly bordering it, I decided to leave my reserved copy of Killzone on the shelves to gather dust long after everyone had come and bought theirs in the Killing frenzy that was Killzone 2’s opening weekend. I won’t share what I spend the money on instead, as most loyal gamers would never forgive me. Sorry, loyal gamers, but the lovely lady in my life takes priority.

Anyways, knowing that I had set aside the purchase of Killzone to buy her a gift, my girlfriend graciously picked it up for me for the same occasion. A super-win! She’s happy, I’m killing, everything’s okay. So now, as I return to school with this new FPS (and two mid-terms this week), the true test begins. Can any game beat Call of Duty 4? I’m open to the idea. More to come…

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Modern Warfare 2

Posted in Gaming, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/26/2009

Amidst the crazy reports of Game Developers Conference 2009 on my twitter feed, wired news, and elsewhere on the internet, one report caught my attention more than others. Infinity Ward announced and premiered a teaser for the game today. Modern Warfare 2, unlike its predecessor, will not come under the Call of Duty brand. This could open the door for a long and hassle-free line of very cool games. (Having to co-create with Call of Duty producer Activision after a beef between the two producers regarding the World at War vs. Modern Warfare rivalry would just be awkward.)

The only thing you could add to Modern Warfare to make those two words better is that single number: 2. Release date is announced as November 10, 2009. I think it’s safe to say I won’t be posting that day.


Social Gaming

Posted in Gaming, Personal, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/21/2009
CoD 4 Split Screen

CoD 4 Split Screen

So – believe it or not, I’m not a complete shut-in. I do have friends (and even a girlfriend!) and videogames is not all I do every day. However, recently I’ve been mixing the two, and with great success. Once the Playstation 3 was discovered by my friends in the residence hall here, there’s a steady flow of people coming in for “one round [of Call of Duty] before class” or a lazy night of gaming after homework. With this addition to the daily jumble that is college, I have been reminded of the fun of split-screen gaming. Sure, my 24″ monitor has been reduced to the puny 12″ section in the top left (Yes, I do demand to be player 1. What o f it?) but it’s a blast! As usual, Call of Duty 4 floats my boat just fine, but I’ve also had quite a blast with Gears of War 2 (Horde, anyone?), Guitar Hero 3, and Little Big Planet.


Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/11/2009
At least the cover is cool...

At least the cover is cool...

Everyone has their vices. For me: lame action movies and good video games. So when Wanted: Weapons of Fate was announced, it struck me as the single most epic win since Counterstrike: Source (the combination of FPS greatness and post-90s graphics). I’m yet to play Weapons of Fate as it hasn’t come out yet, but I checked out the demo yesterday and was very unimpressed.


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Little Big Planet: Intuitive, much?

Posted in Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/09/2009

littlebigplanet1Among my stack of borrowed games lies what some would call PS3’s flagship game (my vote would be towards Killzone 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4, though): LittleBigPlanet. While I’ve been waiting to explore the game more until I write a full-on review here, I feel compelled as I sit here exiled from my own PS3, to comment on the amazing intuitive quality of the game.

Being home on spring break, I’m no longer living alone in my college single. I have my 8-year-old brother in the same house, and big brother + impressive (superior) technology = must have. I do what I can to shield him from the violence that I so adore, so his options are limited. The other day, though, he found LittleBigPlanet. I haven’t seen him do anything else since. The only thing is: he doesn’t play the levels, he makes them. Before you get too impressed, I haven’t yet seen anything that I couldn’t beat it a minute or less, but still. Any level creator I have toyed around with has seemed too complicated for most computer programmers to figure out, and here is one that my eight-year-old brother can use (for days). Wow.

So, besides wishing I had my console back, I give a nice blogospere pat on the back to the creators of LBP and their awesomely intuitive level designer. Props.

Battlefield: Bad Company

Posted in Gaming, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 03/04/2009

Battlefield: Bad Company Cover ArtWell after 5 days straight of Call of Duty 4 pwnage in celebration of double XP weekend (I went from Level 48, into prestige mode, and back up to the high 20s. Thank you, Infinity Ward) I had finally grown somewhat tired of it. My pile of games borrowed from a friend staring at me from my desk, begging to be played before he asks for them back, I decided to skip to the next one: Battlefield: Bad Company. This game surprised be quite a bit. Though I didn’t play the pervious titles in the series, they struck me as serious and reaistic – a quality I look for in FPSs about war. I was expecting another crazy shooter in which you and your badass, hardcore squad move through (and destroy) one of the most interactive environments I had ever seen. What’d I get? A squad of 3 other idiots. (more…)

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Call of Duty 4: All Day Every Day

Posted in Game Reviews, Gaming, PS3, Video Games by Taylor Dobbs on 02/23/2009

So it’s Monday, and as usual I have spent my weekend turning my brain to mush in some way or another. What’s different this weekend is that I did all the brain-killing on one videogame, one which I’ve played literally days of before. Yet I can not get enough.

This epic, addicting, first-person-shooter is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Between the single-player campaign and the ridiculously addicting online play, I can’t get enough. (more…)